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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Making your Plugin or Gem configurable

Recently I added a configuration mechanism to Webrat. It was surprisingly easy, and mainly copied from rails core. I would suggest adding somthing like this to any plugin that has more than a few features or ones that users have asked to have turned off. First off you’re going to have to create the actual […]

chicken and egg

I can’t believe this still hapens. Unzip software that is zipped. I was trying to unzip a file off of the web to install on my palm and they had zipped the 15k zip prc file to save those few extra bytes on the web making it impossible to actually download and use the software […]

generator_missing plugin release

I just posted my initial cut of my generator_missing plugin. This plugin is meant to be a repository of additional generators to help workflow. The current ones are: Library: Generates a non active record ruby object and a test class. lib/library_name.rb test/unit/library_name_test.rb Module: Generates a basic module under lib and its tests. lib/module_name.rb test/unit/module_name_test.rb, with […]