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generator_missing plugin release

I just posted my initial cut of my generator_missing plugin. This plugin is meant to be a repository of additional generators to help workflow. The current ones are:

  • Library: Generates a non active record ruby object and a test class.
    • lib/library_name.rb
    • test/unit/library_name_test.rb
  • Module: Generates a basic module under lib and its tests.
    • lib/module_name.rb
    • test/unit/module_name_test.rb, with a mock class that mixes in the library
  • Base Generator: Generates a generator (mmm meta) with a template, usage and manifest.
    • lib/generators/generator_name/generator_name_generator.rb
    • lib/generators/generator_name/USAGE
    • lib/generators/generator_name/templates

The plugin is at: / git://
Lighthouse at

I am currently taking both suggestions and pull requests for generators that should be added.

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