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Testing WebOS Applications Made Easy with jasmine_webos gem

TDD for WebOS applications is still in its early stages, but the guys over at Pivotal Labs have made some great strides in the low level tooling. The Jasmine javascript testing framework provides a dom-less testing implementation which works well in the MVC environment of a WebOS application.

Pivotal is also hard at work at Pockets (not yet released) which provides on emulator testing and integration of Jasmine into your WebOS application. However, as of now (2009/09/21), this has not been released owing to major changes in the debuging environment in the WebOS SDK.

To help with the transition, I have released my initial version of jasmine_webos, which facilitates testing your webos application with Jasmine. Jasmine_webos requires ruby and rubygems as well as the json and thin gems. To install jasmine_webos, simply do:

sudo gem source -a
sudo gem install jasmine_webos

Jasmine_webos provides a generator to create the directories it expects (spec/javascript/spec and spec/javascript/matchers) as well as an example spec so that you can make sure that it is working. This is accessed by running the following from the root of your WebOS Application:
jasmine_webos -g

You can then run the test server (dynamically builds up suites for testing) with:
jasmine_webos -s. You can then run your tests by hitting http://localhost:8888 with any capable browser.

Jasmine_webos server will include any javascript files in your app directory, all matchers in your spec/javascript/matchers, and all tests in your spec/javascript/spec folder. Jasmine_webos keeps the jasmine files contained in the gem so that as new features for jasmine are released, you can get easy access to them by updating the gem. This also keeps you from having to copy jasmine into each of your apps.

In the future I am looking at implementing:
* A config file for additional directories and requirements
* celerity for command line testing / integrated builds
* including mojo framework libraries for fuller stack testing.

Please report any bugs to the github bugs page.