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This Site

This is a place to store my personal musings on coding and rails, announce features about confabulus (my pet project), and share techniques that I have found through developing in rails.


Confabulus is software that I built to help me manage the 10-12 trips I take a year with my friends and teammates. These trips usually have 12 or more people on them and managing that with email and excel just became too tedius. My personal rule of “Do it once, by hand is fine. Do it two or more times, build something to do it for me.” and it’s corollary “If you know you are going to do it more than once, build a tool.” lead me to build an app to take my pain away. The goal is to store all the basic information about a trip, such as who is on it, when things are, where people are staying and how they’re getting there in one spot that everyone can access.


I work as a software developer in St. Louis, MO, USA. I’ve been coding professionally since 2000, and have been with Asynchrony Solutions as a consultant since 2002, where I work on a large (100KLOC) web application that we are converting from Java into Ruby. We are a very Agile, XP, and TDD shop and have been since 2004.

In my spare time I love to snowboard in the winter and play Australian rules football for the St. Louis Blues A.R.F.C. in the M.A.A.F.L division of USFooty.